The Why…

Q: What’s the “why” behind Be Gallant? What’s the motivation and purpose behind it?
A: I believe that if a person is given the opportunity to advance themselves or their conditions in a way that is responsible, inspiring, and productive, they will. Unfortunately, that’s not always an option that readily presents itself to everyone. Be Gallant is about chipping away at the barriers that block us from our goals and dreams, and fuel our resolve to chase after the possibilities in life. After all, to be gallant is to be brave, courageous, determined and such. Through an array of avenues, including development services, travel and technology blogging, and connecting with others, this project seeks ultimately to embolden, engage, and inspire–to provide the opportunities that will help us traverse the barriers that may sometimes seem too far off.

Q: How does your product benefit others, and how is it unique?
A: …

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By Brandon the Gallant

Hello! I'm Brandon Johnson, and I'm hoping you and I can connect. I've bounced around here and there and picked up a lot of cool experiences as I explored on my own or with friends. I want to share some of those things now, and I'm really excited to do so. Have a look around and let me know what you think! Thanks!

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