Securing the Interview

In 2015, I’d been with my company for 29 years, working in a Statistical department for 15 of those years, when a new job was posted for application in a Senior Management Position.  I really wanted to apply for it, but felt I didn’t have the experience, education, or credentials needed to get the job.  Additionally, I hadn’t had a resume for 30+ years, and as I said didn’t think I’d acquired enough experience or education to be taken seriously in the field or even get an interview.  The job was considered as an upper management position and would propel me upwards by three (3) levels, which had never been done.  Even so, I took a chance and began working on my resume, and sadly there wasn’t much to put down… or so I thought!   He understood that I had been in a stagnated position for several years with limited experience, but he nevertheless looked closely at what I did have to offer my company.  By the time he’d finished working on my resume I didn’t even recognize myself!  I thought I was looking at someone else’s resume and credentials, but it was mine and all true!  It was very professionally written, eye catching, and well organized.  From that I secured an interview, and out-shined several other well qualified candidates… winning the job as the new Senior Manpower Planning Analyst complete with my own office!!  Brandon is magician!  I’d give his services a 5 Star rating, and will definitely use them again!!”

-G. Daniel