Money Energy Project, Ep.1

A while back I wrote an article about the awkward and perhaps even tense relationship between young adults and their money (or lack thereof). That led me to a good convo with someone who sparked a really cool idea–make a video series about all the untalked about money taboos for young people and then post it on the internet for everyone to see. Of course–it’s so obvious! Except that I have no video-making experience whatsoever. None. Zero times 2. Oh, and I also didn’t have any equipment for this sort of thing outside of my iPhone with a lightly cracked screen and my handy dandy GoPro lol. But I have a pretty competent network that was willing to help me out with stuff like that. It’s far from perfect, but it has been a fun learning process and we’ve already found some easy ways to make future vids much better. Check out Episode 1 here. I’ll make a page to house the others once they’re done. I’ll keep ya posted. Obviously.