Career Coach Meditations…

Just thought I’d share a recent of mine reflection with those of you who are interested. I think it’s extremely relevant!:

Job searching and career management are hard. There are resources to help manage those hardships, but many communities don’t have access to them. Whether it’s financial constraints, lack of resource availability in their sphere, or lack of awareness of available resources, there are those who are disadvantaged through no fault of their own, and as a result, the task of managing their work journey is that much harder. And what about the people who may not have the space to make career fulfillment a priority because they have to do just about ANYTHING just to keep the lights on this month?

As a career coach myself:
*What role do I play in this scene?
*How can I make my outreach and services more reachable?
*How can I serve other people AND myself in ways that feel right?

As career coaches collectively:
*How can we do a better job of not carelessly upholding various status quos that disenfranchise marginalized communities?
*How often do we take a look at our services and the ways we facilitate them to evaluate how ethical they are?
*Who benefits the most from the services we offer and opportunities we create?

Happy Friday! Be more Gallant today than yesterday.


Mission Matters Podcast Appearance!

Hi everyone! I was recently a guest on the Mission Matters podcast. Check out the video below!

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