This was the best coaching experience I have ever received. I was able to ask questions that I was afraid to ask at first and you provided me with the confidence to ask. I was also given the opportunity to explore new packages with you and I felt confident about my experience.

-Alberto V.

I enjoyed having an experience tailored to my needs in terms of my job search and my schedule. Brandon was supportive of my process and was available when I needed him. I walked away from the experience with really important knowledge that I can confidently transfer to future job search processes and I will definitely work with him again in the future.

-Julia A.

Brandon’s consulting services has been an integral part of my job hunting process. He provided me with guidance and a rewrite for my resume and cover letter. This consultation not only included proofreading for spelling and grammatical errors, it also provided specific insight on how to customize my materials for each job application. Brandon was able to address my individual needs while also giving me the knowledge and tools to continue to thrive after our consultation concluded. What is that saying? “Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime”. Thank you, Brandon!

-Mandy Y.

I absolutely loved my experience working with Brandon. He offered up excellent feedback on my resume, cover letter, and interview preparation. He is such a great support system during the job search as well. I’ve already recommended him to some of my cohort mates in my graduate program because I was so pleased with his services.

-Kaytlin A.

I truly valued Brandon’s overall presentation on negotiating, and particularly appreciated the practical examples of what a negotiating conversation could look like with talking points. I also loved the flow of the presentation and how he allowed me to reflect on “knowing what I want and NEED in a compensation package to support my lifestyle”. This space allowed me to really think about compensation more than just the take home salary, but what I need from an employer to have a healthy lifestyle with balance. Overall amazing! Thanks Brandon!!

-Robin H.

Brandon is the perfect combination of critical thinking and empathy. I’ve worked both for and alongside Brandon in Higher Education, and have also received writing assistance from Brandon. Not only is he a phenomenal human being with excellent listening skills, but also his work and writing criticism is intentional, thought provoking, and incredibly helpful. He knows how to provide constructive feedback while still bolstering a writer’s mission and confidence. I couldn’t recommend Brandon more highly.

-Rocky S.

I met Brandon during a difficult time (after being laid off due to COVID) and he was more than willing to review my resume and provide feedback. His contribution was so much more than what I had found on google while searching for “resume tips”. His feedback was very thoughtful, authentic, and specific to each point I had listed on my resume and my experience. I was impressed with his insight and applied his recommendations. He was responsive in answering my questions and always seemed genuinely eager to help. I am very appreciative of Brandon’s work and efforts and kindness during this time.

-Kimi S.

My overall experience was extremely positive. [He’s] clear and direct in sharing insight and I felt like I gained a lot of information and tools from just an hour long session. In the session proposal [he] initially sent, it was suggested that the session be split into two parts-one for basic understanding of a cover letter and the other for working on a specific cover letter-which didn’t happen exactly, but I was satisfied with the content that I learned and felt comfortable and prepared to apply those tools myself, rather than use the session to work on a specific cover letter, which I appreciated. The session felt client-driven with a good amount of autonomy for me to drive the learning towards what I needed/wanted to learn. Brandon is a no-nonsense kind of guy with a clear direction in his head that he easily carries out to help people succeed. Cool dude!

-Yuri S.

Our staff workshop on negotiating was excellent. I recently low balled myself when a job asked me what my salary requirements were. If I had already taken this workshop I would have known exactly what to say. The workshop gave us practical steps to take and made me realize I can take control of negotiations.

-Amber S.

Brandon Johnson is an excellent coach and resume writer. He took the time to listen to my needs and crafted personal recommendations as to how to update my resume. If you need assistance with your job hunt, Brandon is a must!

-Rahel Z.

Brandon’s services had been a lifesaver for me. As a working mother, I have found carving out time to cater my resume and cover letter for highly specific positions to be a daunting task. On multiple occasions, Brandon has been able to go through my materials with a fine toothed comb in a very timely manner. Not only has he helped refine my package to help me stand out, but also formatted it to where it’s much more aesthetically pleasing to the viewer. The prices are also very reasonable, especially for the excellence he provides. I recommend him to my job hunting students every year and have heard nothing but positive feedback!

-Dr. Nooshin V.

I had a few areas of my resume I wanted to update and had a few questions. Brandon was thoughtful and thorough in his responses. I highly recommend requesting his services for your professional development needs!

-Alexis F.

Brandon helped me write a CV for grad school and I was so impressed with his work! Not only did he answer all of my questions, he explained everything to make sure this is something I could do in the future. He responds quickly to messages and finished my CV early. He also changed the wording on my resume for the CV and it all sounds so much better than what I had before! I would recommend Brandon to anyone needing help with CVs or resumes!

-Kaitlyn L.

I highly recommend Brandon for his resume services. Not only were the revisions direct and concise, but the process of making these revisions is what made the experience that much more helpful. Brandon took the time to listen to your career background, as well as the steps towards your future goals. This insight really highlighted key aspects in the resume. If you’re looking to make your resume stand out with potential employers, talk to Brandon!

-Mayra G.

My overall experience was great.

-Keisha S.

Eye opening and exciting being able to learn about myself.

-Alondra O.

Thank you, your personal follow up is great.

-Rima M.

Thanks for all of your help and ideas!

-Eleni S.

Brandon shared information and examples that were engaging and applicable!

-Pam S.

Fantastic. Extremely helpful, informative, and eye-opening.

-Zekee S.

Brandon does an amazing job! My resume is a lot more polished, super professional without sounding fake! Recommend!!

-Karina R.

My experience with Brandon was wonderful. With his help on both my resume and cover letter, I was able to acquire a salary paying job upon the completion of my masters program at USC.

-Alberto V.

Five Stars for this gentleman!!! That’s what I’d give Brandon on the work he’s done for me… I’d been with my company for 29 years, and in the same position for 15 of those yrs. When a job posting for a Senior management position within the company came up. I so wanted this position but didn’t feel like I had the experience and/or the credentials needed to even garner an interview. Nevertheless, I began to work on a resume, something I hadn’t done in 30 years. To my dismay there wasn’t much to put down… or so I thought. Someone told me about this Brandon Johnson guy who was “Very good at what he does, and has strong work ethic”. So, I step out of my comfort zone and asked for help. Brandon was very professional and compassionate with what I thought was a sad dilemma. He took my information and resume that I’d attempted to start and worked what could only be called magic! By the time he was finished I didn’t even recognize my resume, and it was all true!! Needless to say, I got that interview, and the job itself becoming the new Senior Manpower Planning Analyst… which was a 4 tier promotion!! I now manage offices in CA, PA, and FL with more than 500+ employees. This young man is incredibly talented and brilliant. I cant thank him enough for the life changing work he did for me! Five Stars indeed!! Thank you, Brandon Johnson

-Gail J.