The Gallant PLUS Package

Take the next step in your journey.

Session 1: Intake

This session focuses on a sharing of experiences and building a mutual understanding of one another. Featured in this session is a lot of question asking and a rundown of your own employment history.

Session 3: Branding 2

In this session, we continue the process of shedding light on your professional identity by mapping out your strengths and teasing out your professional and personal habits.

Session 2: Branding 1

We discover and discuss your goals, values, and professional purpose in detail. We also start mapping out your strengths, as we being the complex process of developing your professional identity.

Session 4: The Search

Let’s talk about specific jobs, types of jobs, and companies you’re interested in. Do you know how to conduct the kind of research that will get you ahead? Do you have an action plan? Let’s make one!

Session 5: The Resume

We’ll review your resume and discuss ways to improve it. I’ll teach you how to write your own strong resumes for future searches, but I’ll revise it for you this time! We’ll also begin making a goal action plan.

Session 7: Branding 3

How do you verbally market yourself? What is your answer when someone says to you, “Tell me about yourself?” Not sure? That’s fine–we’ll talk about it during this session!

Section 6: The Action Plan

Let’s review your action plan, making sure it’s specific and practical. What aspects of it can you work on this week? We will also discuss your updated resume to make sure it’s in tip top shape.

Session 8: Interview

Interviewing can be intimidating, but practicing helps tighten up your interview skills. Let’s talk about interviewing and save some time for a mock interview and feedback. Don’t fear the interview!

Let’s get started!

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The Gallant Package

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