The Why


Check out this Q&A to gain some insight about some of the guiding principles!

Q: What’s the “why” behind Be Gallant? What’s the motivation and purpose behind it?
A: I believe that–for many people–if a person is given the opportunity to advance themselves or their conditions in a way that is responsible, inspiring, and productive, they will. Unfortunately, that’s not always an option that readily presents itself to everyone. Be Gallant is about chipping away at the barriers that block us from our goals and dreams, and fuel our resolve to chase after the possibilities in life. After all, to be gallant is to be brave, courageous, determined and such. Through an array of avenues, including development services, travel and technology blogging, and connecting with others, this project seeks ultimately to embolden, engage, and inspire–to provide the opportunities that will help us traverse the barriers that may sometimes seem too far off.

Q: How does your product benefit others, and how is it unique?
A: On the surface, it benefits others because it gives them access to affordable, valuable professional and individual development-focused guidance and consultations from a young professional who has worked extensively with many elements of professional development and has insight about a range of topics, all of which are at the disposal of the client. And all of that is true, but it’s also a more personal and much broader experience for the client working with Be Gallant. My website, as you can see, is about much more than just selling resume review packages or leadership consultations. It’s about making connections. It’s about crossing boundaries and leaving a traceable trail or blueprint for others to take note of it and use as a guide to or through their own endeavors. Broadening and deepening our vision. It’s about connected progress and experience and sharing knowledge. The mission is to help people identify opportunities and possibilities that are sometimes difficult to identify on their own, and maintaining the power that comes from those connections.

Q: What’s the difference between a Be Gallant client and a Be Gallant connection?
A: The way I distinguish between the two is a client is someone who interacts with Be Gallant primarily for the sake of acquiring services, while a connection is someone who interacts with Be Gallant for everything else–the blogging, travel pieces, tech stuff, etc. To be frank, the goal is to bring those two identities closer together. I want the transition from client to connection and connection to client to be seamless because it strengthens the community I’m trying to create.

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