What Is Cultural Fit?

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Cultural fit, aka culture fit, aka fit.

Maybe you’ve been told, “We decided to go with a candidate that was a better culture fit for our department.”

Or, maybe you’ve heard of employers saying something like, “We liked them, they just weren’t really a fit for us. We want to make sure we get a good fit.

Well, what does that mean? Culture Amp says culture fit hiring is “the concept of screening potential candidates to determine what type of cultural impact they would have on the organization.” It’s more or less based on perceived compatibility of values, beliefs, and behaviors between the employee and organization.

The idea behind it is that if you match the company’s culture, they’ll be more likely to hire you.

But is hiring for culture fit actually a good thing? The case against it has steadily been growing in recent years.

Opponents say that culture fit hiring is bad for diversity and inclusion, breeds incompetence, and upholds the status quo. In other words, if a company is looking to move forward and improve, screening for culture fit may not be the answer.

Still, lot’s of companies screen candidates for culture fit. So what are you to do as a candidate who may or may not “fit” with the culture of the company you are interviewing for? That’s tricky, but let’s take a look at two things you should be aware of.


You may not be able to control what the culture is, but what you can do is highlight what you can add to the culture.

Do you have a different and productive opinion on best practices? Do you possess a value set that offers an opportunity to improve morale?

Most leaders within a company want the company to improve. You may not be a common or traditional hire, but if you can show that you can add to their culture by bringing in new perspectives, behavioral habits, or personality traits that can spark innovation and improvement, you can show them that you’re exactly the hire they need.

On the other hand, this highlights the importance of doing your best to get to know the company or department, ideally before you even interview with them.


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The 5 Major Screening Factors


Do you ever wonder what hiring managers are looking for in their candidates?

The specifics of what a hiring manager needs for a particular job will vary depending on the job, the company, and potentially a variety of other considerations, of course, but there tends to be a pretty consistent 5 themes.

These 5 themes make up the 5 Major Screening Factors. Master these screening factors, and you’ll position yourself as a frontrunner in your job search.


That’s right. When it comes down to it, and all the remaining candidates are technically qualified for the role, the deciding factor is often personality.

Do they like you?

Do they feel like you’d work well with the other employees?

Does your communication style vibe with theirs?

Would your energy level work well for this role?

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How to Write a Good Cover Letter


Cover letters scare lots of job seekers. 

“How do I write a good cover letter?” 

“How long should it be?” 

“What about the heading and address and all that stuff? What do I do about all that?” 

“Should I write a general cover letter, or a specific one for each job?”

Let’s talk about cover letter writing. And guess what! Cover letters (in my opinion) are actually pretty easy. Especially compared to resumes.


Cover letters are easy because they’re short. Really short. The whole thing, including the heading, the addressing, and content, should be 1 page. That means your actual content should be around half a page–4 paragraphs, 14-17 sentences.

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